Swiss Machining Services

Multi-axis, multi-process Swiss machining allows us to serve a market for machined products where complicated parts require complex tolerances, multiple operations all in one set-up. Our customers see the benefits of the Swiss machines in faster turnaround times, lower job costs and superior quality parts.

Complex CNC precision parts are completed in their entirety in a single operation on our Swiss multi-axis machines. This increases productivity while reducing potential for damage through multiple operations and potential loss of parts.

Our Swiss machines perform production CNC machining operations such as milling, drilling, boring and tapping. This results in a substantial reduction of the aggregate time required to machine the part and an increase in accuracy and repeatability.

Quick Setup Time
Quick setup times mean reduced setup costs and faster job turnaround. Short-notice orders can be easily accommodated.

Chip Evacuation
High pressure coolant systems allow the evacuation of tough stringy chips that otherwise interfere with operations. This boosts machine productivity and adds to the superior quality of the finished part.

Bar Feeders
Magazine bar loaders for 12’ bars are on all our Swiss machines. This automatic bar feeder capability increases the efficiency and cost savings of part runs.

Our Swiss machine bar stock capacity ranges from .125 to 1.250” diameter.

Production Runs
Our Swiss Machining manufactures production CNC Machining runs of complex precision parts with uniform high quality from 250 pieces and up.

Our CNC staff would be happy to answer your Swiss machining questions. Contact us today!

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